Grant Kelly is the owner and senior trainer / coach at Kelly Leadership & Safety Culture Ltd. Grant has a proven track record of helping organizations to develop leadership skills, improve workplace culture and promote personal values.  

He is an independent consultant with expertise as HSE Advisor, Trainer, and Coach with more than 40 years working in such diverse industries as Commercial Aviation, Construction and Manufacturing, and the Oil and Gas Industries of Canada, the Middle East, and South East Asia. 

Grant has led a very diverse career ranging from Air Traffic Controller to construction to the Oil & Gas Industry where he excelled as a Safety Officer and Staff Development Manager. Grant has worked on the oil well fires in Kuwait after the first Gulf war and recently managed the safety and public relations on two gas well blow-outs in northern Bangladesh. Leading teams and managing detailed safety programs have become an integral part of Grant’s professional life. He has a solid track record in training, mentoring and coaching having guided the careers of countless field workers as well as HSE Supervisors. Grant has just recently completed a project consulting to a large American oil and gas producer working in Malaysia and the South China Sea on a 7 year program to develop and improve their Workplace Culture and to develop and improve their Leadership skills. 

He has designed and delivered seminars in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, India on:

  • Incident Investigation
  • HSE Management Systems
  • Developing an Interdependent Safety Culture
  • Leadership Development & Workplace Culture

He has authored many technical papers on a wide range of safety and leadership issues and recently completed a detailed Safety and Operations Procedures Manual. The manual is being used by Safety Supervisors, Medical personnel, and Industrial Firefighters. He has also developed and implemented a Training and Competency program which included a comprehensive program on Leadership Improvement. 

Grant has lived and worked extensively in the Middle East and South East Asia where he has proven himself:

  • A skilled communicator able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with members of diverse groups and promote team cohesiveness
  • Strong in analytic, training, coaching and presentation abilities
  • Experienced having worked well with Arab, Persian and southeast Asian cultures

Grant also enjoys building wooden boats, riding his motorcycle, and sharing in the raising of his 3 grandchildren. He is also co-founder and senior advisor for a school for deaf children in northern Bangladesh.