Leadership for Operational Excellence (LOE)

LOE is much more than a set of training courses. It is a philosophy on the way companies can do business. We look at an organization and custom design a plan depending on the needs and wants of the organization. Typically the steps we follow are:

  • Assess the current state of the company from the perspectives of leadership and existing culture
  • Help senior management to map out a plan for continuous improvement
  • Work together to select supervisors, managers and champions to implement and sustain the plan
  • Facilitate classroom workshops to teach the fundamentals. 
  • Coach, guide and support the participants at their respective worksites and supply continuous feedback of their growth, successes and also their opportunities for improvement. 
  • Return to the organization from time-to-time to evaluate and monitor progress and sustainability.

In time, the leaders and teams will reach a point where the culture and leadership skills are self-sustaining surrounding safety and productivity. We have found that:

Teams will:

  • Care more for their jobs and their responsibilities
  • Become more loyal to their leaders and their company
  • Feel a stronger sense of ownership 
  • Become more interdependent as they look out for one other
  • Be safer and more productive and encourage that attitude with others

Companies will have:

  • A more loyal and motivated workforce who take pride in their work and reputation
  • Greater employee retention
  • A safer workplace
  • Higher productivity
Leadership cannot be taught; it can really only be learned.”
— Harold S. Geneen