Setting an example is not the main means of influencing people;
it is the only means.”
— A. Einstein

We believe and it has also been proven that most incidents as well as poor productivity are direct results of people and their behaviours. Rather than address just behaviors alone, we go to the root cause of why people act the way that they do and how we can help with improvement.

In the workplace, behaviours are often a direct result of attitudes. Positive attitudes show themselves in positive behaviours. We look at the various ways that we can encourage positive attitudes. We have found that there are at least 3 ways to foster and improve workers’ attitudes. They are personal values, an interdependent workplace culture, and effective leadership. This is illustrated in the following diagram:


The key element is good leadership. There can be a big difference between management and leadership. Ideally they are one in the same but often they are not. A good leader will understand and continuously demonstrate:

  • Strong emotional intelligence
  • The ability to empower and motivate teams
  • Empathy
  • A sense of justice
  • Skill in changing leadership styles instantly depending upon the situation at hand
  • A caring for the growth and well-being of the individual team members
  • A strong loyalty to the team
  • A firm and clear understanding of the values and culture of the organization

We at SafetyBOSS are very pleased with the decision to utilize Grant Kelly and company to facilitate a Leadership Development Training Program for our team. The course material was outstanding and delivered by a professional with a great demeanor and 40 years of oil & gas experiences which helped connect with our team. SafetyBOSS has already committed to future and continued training for our team and will fully endorse Grant Kelly and his services to facilitate Leadership Development & Coaching programs.”
— Mark Brown, President, SafetyBOSS Inc.